Monday, January 31, 2011


Short and sweet today (I coach our Governor's Cup Academic Team and we had a scrimmage after school today and I just got all the kids sent home....LOOOOONG day, BUT...GSE won!!!  woooo hooo!!!)

I passed out our spelling packet for this week.  We are now working out of Book 4 from 'Wordly Wise'.  We originally said we would not be switching classes on Fridays, but now we are.  With that, I also said spelling packets are due to be turned in by now, you have an additional day and they are due on Friday when we take our spelling test!  Please work on this packet all week (prioritze your time so you're not stuck doing it all on Thursday night as I do not accept late packets!). 
ALSO, please read chapters 3 & 4 from Sarah Noble tonight.  We discussed chapters 1-2 today in class and began relearning the literature circle roles and process. 
WOW! words this week are:
We continued working on multiplication and took our timed test per usual.  We also began working on multiplication WITH regrouping.  
Homework tonight is completing a 90 second timed multiplication quiz.  I expect every person to be on level 2 of these BY FRIDAY.

PM activities:
completed January's on-demand, worked on spelling packets, and completed morning work.

Have a happy (and dry!) Monday evening!
Mrs. Thomas

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