Monday, February 14, 2011

2.14.11 - The day of LOVE and "Hooter Louise"

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY allllllll my Loveys!!!!  I love you all so, so, sooooooo very, very MUCH!!!  You are ALL my special valentines and "owl" love you forever!

introducing: Hooter Louise ("Hootie")
Our morning was also blessed with a very exciting 'treat'...Alonna has kindly brought in a hamster for us to have as a class pet.  We named her, Hooter Louise, ("Hootie", for short) and are so excited to welcome her to our little owl nest!  Bob has been eyeing her all morning, though ;)  Hootie has become a new responsibility for our "Hootie Duties" (classroom) jobs and two students will be selected weekly to care for our new pet by feeding her, giving her water, putting her in her ball for exercise, and cleaning her home.  We are absolutely thrilled with our new responsibility!!!

a.m. activities:
We completed morning work which consisted of reading about the history of Valentine's day and completing our hidden picture grids. 

We learned about summarizing texts we read and how that can enhance and optimize our understanding of the reading passages we are focusing upon.  Reading is not just using our eyes to pass through words, it is absorbing what we read and processing the information and stories in our minds.  The "Summarizer" is another role in our Literature Circles.  Finally, we composed poems and thoughtful messages for someone meaningful at home. 
**Spelling packets were passed out and are due by Friday, February 18th.  Spelling tests are this day as well.**
HOMEWORK: I administered a "Spelling think-tac-toe" sheet in which you have 9 activities to choose from.  I intend for this to be a fun way for you to practice your spelling words.  Pick ONE of these activities to do with your spelling words to turn in to me by tomorrow.  Remember, this is supposed to be a FUN activity so choose something that fits your personality and have a great time while studying your words!

our WOW! words this week are:

we took a 90-second timed multiplication quiz per usual activity.  Next and with the theme of this valentine's day, we multiplied using candy message hearts and hundreds boards.  Students were placed in groups of 5 and were to represent a number on the hundreds board.  They were then to multiply that number by whatever factor chosen by me and go through the process of multiplication as we have practiced in class.  It was a really fun way to practice multiplication...and was quite yummy too!
HOMEWORK: practice your multiplication facts (specifically, your 6s, 7s, and 8s!!!).
Working hard on the activity!
Griffen and Elise working on our Valentine themed multiplication activity using a hundreds chart!

multiplication is fun with candy!
Parents, YOU just might be getting a sweeeet poem such as this!

PM activities:
We were not able to begin our fossils activity that I had planned because we had our poster to complete for our GSE's "Random Acts of Kindness Week" and also completed a special something that you may see when your student arrives home today (hint, hint!). 
Also, ask your student about OUR special "random act of kindness" that I experienced last week.  It's awesome and will absolutely give you chills...promise!!!
Tomorrow (well..and the rest of the week), I have super fun activities planned for Science on the concept of fossils.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day and know that I love, love, loooooove you!
Mrs. Thomas

just to let YOU know what I love about YOU!

I hope you liked my specially made valentines just for YOU!

TJ's new "do"!  We think he looks JUST like Jaden Smith (actor, Will Smith's son) YOU?!?

What's YOUR he and TJ have a resemblance?!?

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