Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hi friends!  I hope this warm, sunshining Thursday has put you in such a delightful mood like it has me!!!  Wasn't this day just FANTASTIC?!?  I mean, WOWza...are we getting lucky or what?!?  I hope everyone gets out tonight to enjoy the sunshine!!

a.m. activities:
morning work of D.O.L. (Daily Oral Language), D.M. (Daily Math), and D.G. (Daily Geography).  Hootie also got to get out and enjoy her NEW exercise ball for a while around the room.  She really was cute and obviously worked out quite a bit of energy because she has slept all day since!

We got in reading groups to go over roles from chapters read last night. Many students are really getting into the "groove" of how literature circles will run and are doing a great job participating.  Next, we played a whole group round of "Spin-n'-spell" and it was quite fun!  These kiddos sure know their spelling words downpat!  Lastly, we began an ORQ on discussing events of a passage and potential conflicts that may arise with characters. This video you see posted here is 'Group C' presenting a brief 'rap' containing their spelling words.  It's so cute...good job, guys!!!
HOMEWORK: complete spelling packets and study words for test tomorrow!  No reading from chapter books tonight as that will be the assignment for the weekend. :)  

We had a busy day of completing the coached ORQ from yesterday and correcting the coinciding multiple choice quiz questions and then moving onto an indepedent ORQ.  With only around 40ish school days until CATS testing, we have A LOT of ground to cover and A LOT of stuff we should be doing independently (like I'm really going to be loosening my reigns and my "handholding" through those.  I guess I am such a perfectionist and a careful Momma Bird that I don't want to let them go until I'm positive it'll be perfect.  I'm learning to let go and I know these little birdies are ready to not just fly, they are ready to SOAR!).
HOMEWORK: a timed multiplication quiz

PM activities - SCIENCE!:

apparently, I have been deemed, "Super Paleontologist" :)

We got to be PALEONTOLOGISTS (people who study fossils) today and dig for "fossils"!  Students came in and were given their "fossil tools" to utilitize in their hunt and recovery project and dug a "fossilized rock" (chocolate chip cookie) out of ancient grounds (sugar to represent sand and sediment).  One they received their fossilized rock, they were to dig out the 'true fossils' (fossils of organisms still fully intact) to the best of their abilities without destroying the rest of the rock because that could contain very important information or clues into the where and 'what-abouts' of the found fossils.  Once the 'true fossils' (chocolate chips) were removed from the rock (cookie), what was left was a mold/cast fossil which is an imprint left by an organism that can give us just as many clues to an organisms history as the organism.  We had a GREAT time and then got to enjoy a fossilized rock of our own...yummy!

a Paleontologist's work is done for the day!
careful not to destroy any of the 'rock' around the 'fossils'!

Paleontologists on site at the "dig"

chip, chip, chippin' away!

is it just me, or does that 'fossil' look yummy?!?

I am proud of your energy and enthusiasm, my paleontologists!
Mrs. Thomas

...and...guess what ELSE is ALMOST here?!?  MY very, very MOST favorite time of the year...the NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament (a.k.a, MARCH MADNESS!!!!).  I love, love, loooooooooove it!!!  Will Kentucky be a contender this year?!?  I sure hope so!!!  Let's take back our national domination and add our eighth title!

'nuf said!

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