Friday, February 25, 2011


Look who has a microphone too?!?  Ahhh...LOVE it!!!
Happy Friday everyone!!!  I hope your day has found you a bit more dry and more excited about the thrill of the weekend that is upon us!  This morning was a bit frantic, but we got on task and did get our work done...after a chilly and brisk fire drill!

We took our spelling test...and not as many people made 100s or As as last week, but we did not play as many games as we did then so that just goes to show, play those games and activities you've learned at home through the week to fully prepare yourself for the tests that lies ahead!
Upon completion of our test, we were able to get in groups and complete the activities that we had been unable to complete during the week. I did look over some of the writing assignments from last night and some were great and it was obvious that a best effort was put forth...and then on others, it was obvious that the effort was not there.  Let me tell you, folks, I am quite strict about ALWAYS putting forth your best effort and maintaining quality work.  There is NO exception for any less than your personal best...especially with how smart all of you are!  I expect GREAT things!  What kind of teacher would I be, if I didn't?!?  So, let's STEP IT UP!
HOMEWORK: if you DID NOT complete the activities from class, you were to take them home and complete them (brochure, or "Cook-a-Doodle-Do" grammar/vocab review packet).

we take our job very seriously.

a.m. activities:
since we only have one hour for reading on Fridays, we have an hour in between before math starts at 10:15.  Therefore, we worked in our Science groups to complete our group ORQ on fossils.


at 10:15, we switched for math and students immediately got started on completing their assessment for multiplication, or correcting any missed questions on the assessment that they completed yesterday.  I only gave half credit back IF the student: identifies his/her mistake by explaining exactly WHAT he/she did wrong, shwos and reworks the missed problem - circling the NEW answer, and proves how he/she now knows it's correct.  This is an opportunity for me to teach for learning and for the students to learn from their mistakes.  Mistakes only happen once.  Any after that is a choice.   
HOMEWORK: use flashcards to practice multiplication facts.
an entertainer's work is NEVER done.

PM activities:
Mrs. Moses came for Guidance. 
We then took a wellness walk and restroom break and again worked on completing our Science group ORQ on fossils.

I hope you have a safe and fun weekend!  Keep the Governor's Cup Academic Team in mind as Mr. Hilton and I take those 4th and 5th graders to their District competition tomorrow (Saturday).  If we place, we get to go on and represent Garden Springs in the Region level competition against at least 30-40 other schools in Lexington and surrounding areas!  We placed 3rd overall last year so the bar is set pretty high!
Mrs. Thomas

action shot.  Sassy.

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