Wednesday, February 2, 2011


HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!  Due to the "snowpacolypse" in the midwest/ northern states, Punxatawny Phil did NOT see his shadow- which according to legend, means Spring is just around the corner...we'll see, I guess!

We got in groups to review our homework from last night which was reading chapters 5&6 from Sarah Noble and creating your own list of questions to guide group members through conversation in the Discussion Director role.  We had a great time going through these questions and they have really enhanced our understanding of the events of this book.  Also, we began learning about the 'Vocabulary Enricher' role.  The vocabulary enricher is in charge of locating words that may WOW us, may be challenging, may be essential to our understanding of the text, or may simply be words we think our group should be aware of and finding the definition of them and creating a plan to ensure our group understands them.  The possibilities are endless of the plans that can be created to enhance a group's understanding of the words at hand.  For practice today, we located 5 words that we've read in the first few chapters (cloak, colony, settlement, musket, etc.) and found the definitions of them by using a dictionary AND then began creating a crossword puzzle so we can practice applying these words in the context in which they are used in the text.
HOMEWORK: Read chapters 7&8 and locate 5 more words to add to your new (and blank!) vocabulary enricher list.  You do NOT have to define them, we will do that at school (unless you want to).  Also, complete your crossword with clues for the 5 words we did in class.
**ALSO, DO NOT forget to be working on your spelling packets and words.  Packet is due Friday when we take the spelling test.

We finished learning about the 4 methods for multiplying.  These methods are: hundred pieces, partial products, the Lattice Method, and the standard algorithm.
HOMEWORK: multiplication packet: 2 lattice method practice pages and 1 page of word problems in which you can choose the method of your choice.  This is due by tomorrow!

PM activities:
we watched a Bill Nye video about Earth Science.  Most interesting, we learned that the earth was once one super continent called, "Pangea" before breaking into 7 smaller continents...and we learned that underneath the Pacific Ocean, there are mountains!!

Have a fantastic "groundhoggy" night!
Mrs. Thomas

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