Monday, February 7, 2011

My day (according to Jazzy)

Hey guys, it's Jasmine (Jazzy, as Mrs. Thomas says). I had a great day and it seems like everyone else did too!  Reading was good, I'm in Mrs. Hawthorne's class and we worked on a packet.  In my math class with Mrs. Thomas, we took a timed test...and guess what?!? I am almost there to level 3!!! Now, I am on level 2 along with only a few other toot, toot goes our horn!!!  In homeroom, Mrs. Thomas is letting us make our valentine's boxes for our party this Friday.  They look GREAT and we are all so excited!!! I love, love, love school...AND I love all my teachers...but really, I love Mrs. Thomas the most...she is so great.  I love how she makes so many things FUN and have fun things for us to do that we love. The thing I love most at school (besides my teacher) is math...which actually, Mrs. Thomas is my teacher for that! You get to play games and other stuff that we can learn, who knew that a simple deck of cards can turn into endless options for games?!? I hope we can keep having so much fun before we go to fourth grade. To Mrs. T: I love you so so much like you are my sister. :) :) :) What can I say...your "Jazzy" loves ya!!

See you tomorrow, friends!

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