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sooooo cute!  This was us today, wasn't it?!?
Can you believe it is the last day of February and we are springing into March tomorrow?!?  It sure FEELS like spring with the warmer weather and all this rain.  Shew, we have had some GREAT thunderstorms today!  I do not know your opinion on thunderstorms and it seems every person is different on them, but I LOVE, LOVE LOOOOOOVE them!  I know it is weird, but something about the lightning and thunder just excites me and the sound of rain is so makes me want to be at home and in bed!  These thunderstorns should definitely assure us that spring is around the corner!
since it is Monday and half our students are gone to Quest, we did begin working on our new concept of focus for this week, but did not fully dive in as deep as we will for the remainder of the week.  Our focus this week is on drawing conclusions.  We discussed that drawing conclusions is like making final observations or a final decision on is a lot like making an inference in that you are making a guess based on information read in the passage.  You are not directly told the conclusion to draw, so it is a higher level skill in that you must use what you've read to basically "read between the lines" and draw a conclusion as to what the author is implying or intending for you to understand.  There are things author's don't always tell us and good readers must be able to identify that and use what conclusions they draw to drive their understanding of the text to its optimal level.
our "Tabi-Cat"

Therefore, to begin practicing with this, we talked about professions in which a person might have to draw conclusions: a doctor (who is ALWAYS given symptoms and signs and must determine what's going wrong with your body), a dentist (same as doctor, and must evaluate your mouth!), a paleontologist (someone who studies fossils...a GREAT example because they MUST use these fossils to draw conclusions about organisms from the past, or an archaeologist (someone who studies artifacts which are clues to past from prehistoric times where history was not recorded through written language so they must use these artifacts to learn about a person's life during that time).  I'm sure the list could go on and on, but we have a lot of fun brainstorming.  Our story from the Treasures series this week is: "Seven Spools of Thread".  We did not begin reading it yet, but did a picture walk of the cover of the story and drew some conclusionsabout the story based on what we observed in the picture.  Finally, we did index story card quizzes with partners, AND practiced our skill of focus (drawing conclusions) by pretending we were the main character of our group's chapter book and making an iPod playlist that we would listen to, based on what we already know about the character (we drew conclusions from the character's personality traits and experiences to decide what type of music that character would most likely listen to).  It was a neat activity!
Me with Miss Kentucky! she STUNNING or what?!?
I passed back our spelling tests from last week and gave out our new packet which is Lesson 5.

Our WOW! Words this week are:
HOMEWORK: complete ONE activity from Spelling tic-tac-toe to turn in tomorrow. 

we took a 90-second timed multiplication quiz per usual and then wrote a model '4' of the ORQ from our multiplication test we began last week so we could peer score a neighbor's and learn what to look for in an appropriate '4' scoring response.
HOMEWORK: practice multiplication facts.

PM activities:
biggg body big mouth!
we had an assembly for Black History Month (which is THIS month - February) where a VERY special guest came...MISS KENTUCKY!!!  WOWZA!!!  What an honor to host her...thank you Ms. Long for arranging for this very special and wonderful role model to come speak with us and sing Beyonce AND Miley Cyrus to us...she is delightful!  We also heard other speakers and had a couple of guest performers.  Ms. Long even sang us a song!  What a GREAT and informational afternoon!  We loved celebrating and honoring Black History Month!

little body, little mouth!

LOOK!... even Miss Kentucky sports her rainboots on days like this!  I am lovin' her style!

taking questions

answering questions

she was so enthusiastic, so encouraging, and soooo FANTASTIC with the LARGE crowd of excited kiddos!
Ms. Long singing us a song

she has a BEAUTIFUL voice!

We LOVE Ms. Long!!!

another GREAT performer with his saxophone!

Ty is a 5th grader...I had him as a 4th grader and I was so proud of him today!  Doesn't he look SUPER snazzy in his suit?!? 

Three oh so FABULOUS former students of mine!  They made me so proud today!
Stay dry this wet Monday evening!
Mrs. Thomas

PS...I just need to share about my GREAT weekend.  1) our GSE Governor's Cup Academic Team (that I coach) earned the RUNNER-UP title in the entire District competition this past Saturday
2) while I was there, the wonderful and so very thoughtful Mr. Thomas bought me a BRAND NEW CAR!!!  whooooo hooooo!!!  She's a beaut!
3) ken GRIFFEY Jr. Jr. ACTUALLY gave me his purple Piggly Wiggly shirt that I have loved whenever he's worn it!  I cannot believe he gave it to me...I am THRILLED beyond belief!  Such a sweet gesture and I am so excited!

I got the shirt!!!  I LOVE it!!!  ...and, I actually LOVE how lameo Griffey thinks I am.  His expression says it all :)

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