Thursday, February 3, 2011


Can you believe it's here?!?  The 100th day of school?!?  Hard to believe there are only 77 days left in the school year!!  Summer is just around the corner!  While I absolutely adore summer, it is a bittersweet feeling because I certainly do not want you all to move onto 4th grade!  Can I keep you as my students FOREVER?!?  You're so wonderful!  Ahhh...anyway, I still have 77 days left with you, plenty of time to hug and squeeze you tight :)

I'm sorry I had to leave today, but I assure you all, I am fine and will be back to my cooky, quirky, clumsy (you all's lovely words for me) self tomorrow :)

we worked in our groups to review the vocabulary words we found in Sarah Noble last night for homework.  

Let me take a moment to tell you ALL how very, very proud I am of you!  You continuously WOW me on a daily basis and I feel so lucky to get to "teach" you!  Please know that I only ever assign homework that I feel can be done in a short sitting and should certainly NEVER be something you stress over.  By taking the time to sit down and work on your homework, it is clear to me that you care about school and are devoting your time, energy, and best effort.  It is 'okay' to have just a 'smidge' of a struggle because homework's intentions are to exercise your mind with something we've worked on in class.  I am not there to help you if you get stuck and sometimes, that can be a bit intimidating; sometimes, I may intend for an assignment to be a 'quick' exercise, but it does not turn out that way for you...which is A-OKAY!  If that happens to you sometime, be sure to have Momma or Daddy or an adult at home shoot me an email, or write me a small note and I would absolutely LOVE nothing more than to help you out the next morning.  If you are struggling, take a break from it and let me help you with it the following day.  I never want homework to be a HUGE stress for you or something that is too difficult to do on your own so always, always, ALWAYS let me know if you need additional help...that IS what I'm here for after all! You giving your best effort will NEVER disappoint me..EVER!

Okay, now that that's out of the way...I REALLY enjoyed seeing you work with your new reading groups today and loved seeing how engaged you were with creating an activity for your group to help them remember the vocabulary words you found.  Way to go, my friends!!!
HOMEWORK is completing your spelling packet to turn in tomorrow and studying those words.  I cannot wait to see who is going to WOW me with his/her mastery of our WOW! words.

Our substitute reviewed with you your homework from last night.  We also took a 90-second quiz and then moved onto another multiple choice quiz with ORQ that will assess your understanding of multi-digit multiplication so far. I hope one of the 4 methods for multiplying with multi-digit numbers is really hitting home with you and helping you along your journey towards success with multiplication!  
HOMEWORK: 90-second timed multiplication quiz.  I said previously that I'd REALLY like for everyone to be on level 2 of these by tomorrow!

PM activities:
we finished our Bill Nye Earth Science video which is sooooo cool!

Thank YOU for being YOU and always being so sweet.  You guys are so great at giving love and I hope you know how very, very much you mean to me!
Mrs. Thomas

This means something very special in sign you know what it is?!?

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