Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Week at Garden Springs:

Feb. 21 - Monday

Presidents Day - NO SCHOOL

Feb. 22 - Tuesday (Day 2):
Governor’s Cup Academic TeamFuture Problem Solving Team & Composition Writers DISTRICT Competition Beginning Round  (@Meadowthorpe Elementary)
Kindergarten Registration Window #1 (9am-2pm daily, 2/14/11—3/11/11)

Feb. 23 - Wednesday (Day 3):
7:30-8:00a.m.: K-Kids

2:45-4:00PM: Comic Creators
2:45-4:00PM: Governor’s Cup Academic Team Practice
2:45-4:00PM: Girls On The Run (GOTR)
***Principal’s Newsletter Distribution***
***Wednesday folders sent home***

Feb.24 - Thursday (Day 4):
2:45-3:45PM: Ecology Club
2:45-4:00PM: GOTR (Girls On The Run)

Feb. 25 - Friday (Day 5):
8:30a.m.: Fire Drill
1:30PM: Student Achievement Assembly
2:35-3:45PM: 4th & 5th Grade Spanish Club with Senor Canizal

Feb. 26 - Saturday

Governor’s Cup Academic Team — Quick Recall and Written Assessment DISTRICT Competition Date
the Governor's Cup Academic Team is sponsored by the Kentucky Association for Academic Competition
(it's more than a BIG's a HUMONGOUS deal...and a TREMENDOUS and PRESTIGIOUS honor to even place and represent our school with this conference!)
Be sure to wish these 4th and 5th grade students as well as Mr. Hilton and Mrs. Thomas (the coaches) luck as they represent our school in a state and nationally competitive and recognized competition!  Last year, they placed THIRD in the entire REGION of over 30 schools (including private AND magnet schools)...GO BULLDOGS!!!
fight, fight, fight!!!

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