Friday, February 11, 2011

our day (according to TJ and Daniel)...and then, some from Mrs. Thomas too!

Today was good because we had a party... it was a blast... BOOM!!!. We got a lot of candy and we had a lot of  fun. We did alot of activities like making cookie-gram valentines, stained-glass hearts, and eat awesome and very good food. Other classmates got to make food too...SPLAT!!! Everyone got to play musical chairs which was REALLY fun and some won prizes. People were excited...and competitive too :) This morning, we got a special treat and got to watch, "Love Potion #9" which is an 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' movie. We were about to watch Charlie Brown's Valentine, but when Mrs. Thomas opened the box, the chipmunks is what she found...haha fail!  But we liked it anyway and that popped up so we watched it, completed some morning work, had lunch and then we had the BEST DAY EVER!!! 
-TJ and Daniel

Hey all, Mrs. Thomas here...
sorry about not posting the last two has been crazy busy, and well, I have not been here (sick, and then teacher PD day) so I too, feel a bit out of the loop with out classroom happenings!  I promise, though, that I will be back in the "know" and on top of things with the blog EVERYDAY next week!  I plan on posting this weekend too since I am going to attend Micah's basketball game!  Woooo Hoooo!!!  Pics sure to follow.  We had a BLAST at the Valentine's party.  I cannot wait to play musical chairs fun!  Thank you Mrs. Weiler for EVERYTHING and all the parents too.  Mrs. Lyons we sure missed you as well and are so grateful that you plan such engaging and fun activities! 
As for Abby-Lou and Alyssa, it sure was NOT the same without you and you weer both very, very missed!  We saved you lots of valentines and goodies upon your return!  See you soon!

I love you all!
Mrs. Thomas

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