Friday, February 4, 2011

My Day...according to Lauren

Hi kids, it's Lauren! Today was good but now, because of new reading classes, not all of us get to see Mrs.Thomas all day!!!!!!  Booo... Since it is Friday, today we got to have book buddies and my book buddy's name is Lindsey. I tell ya, she is a squirmer... like, she will not sit still at all!  I guess I know how teachers feel with us :) but... the rest of the day went really well and the class had lunch bunch where the movie was Ice Age which is kinda cool since we have talked a little this week about the ice age Earth went through millions of years ago. I think that it is sad when people have to be out of Lunch Bunch, but I know it is our fault for talking when we're not supposed to or getting strikes for not always following CHAMPs, so next week, everyone should do their best and hopefully make it in!

Have a good weekend!

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