Monday, January 12, 2015


Hey there 5th graders!! I missed you ALL while I was gone on my trip to Utah! It's definitely a different world over there in Park City, Utah. Very high altitudes that make you very dry & winded from just walking down the crazy! The first night I was there (Thursday), my dads company had a "cowboy themed" night. My dad won an award for having the best 2nd quarter with his company in his region! When we left, we got STUCK for about 15 minuets on the gondola 10,000 feet in the air dangling over a about scary!! Some pictures from the first night are below...

Friday night was the nice banquet dinner & award ceremony. We got to sit right up front at a reserved table...VIP! This was very cool to see what all goes into my dads company that he's worked for since I was your alls age! 

On Saturday I put all my ski gear on and headed for the top of that mountain! My friend showed me how to go down the 1st two times & then I was golden the rest of the day! We went down about 8 times total...needless to say, Ms. Ray has a new hobby :) I only fell one time right when I first started!!

Sunday was just a long adventure home with about 5 crying babies surrounding me on a almost 4 hour plane ride...with NO earphones to listen to music! That was one important thing I forgot to pack :)

Anyways, I'm glad to hear from most of you all that you had good weekends as well! I hope you stayed warm & spent your time with loved ones :) I'm so so SO happy to see that baby Harry is finally HOME!!! Jack got to meet him & he looks like one VERY proud big brother! I'm so happy the Thomas family is all back together & all are doing great as a family of 4!

This weeks Blogger is Hannah can check out her blog from today HERE!

Today during school we introduced a few new things and you can check out what we did in each class as well as the homework (due Wednesday) below:

LANGUAGE ARTS: Today we clarified when book projects are due, as well as when the study guides are to be completed for a completion grade & when you need to take the test by (see below). We were introduced to the Young Authors piece for the Archdiocese we will be completing in the next month. We wrote in our writers notebooks a few ideas we could possibly use for the piece. We will be talking more about those pieces on Wednesday!
HOMEWORK: If you finished your book before break- book project is due this Thursday, January 15. If you finished your book up over break- your book project is due next Thursday, January 22. **Remember...all study guides are to be shown to me for a completion grade & tests are to be taken BEFORE your book project due date**


SOCIAL STUDIES: Today the kids read some of Chapter 4.
HOMEWORK: Guided notes are due Thursday. Test on Friday, January 23.

MATH: Today we look at finding fractions that are equal to each other. We used fraction bars we colored & cut out to make examples of what fractions equal each other. 
HOMEWORK: Math #1 is to complete workbook pg. 42 due Wednesday. Math #2 is to complete the fraction worksheet due Wednesday.

RELIGION: Today the kids worked on their Test Reviews.
HOMEWORK: Finish your Test Review on Edmodo if you didn't complete in class.

Have a FABULOUS Monday evening & I will see you all bright and early in the morning!!
XOXO- Ms. Ray

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