Friday, January 16, 2015


HAPPY FRIDAY 5TH GRADERS!! Shooo...what a long week! I'm pretty pumped for this 3 day weekend...aren't you guys?! Today we finished up this weeks Book Project presentations...lots of pictures are below :) Book projects will be in next weeks Friday folders. There are TONS of things in our Friday folders today...check it all out! We also had our 4H meeting this afternoon with our homeroom class! The students were introduced to speeches they will be writing for 4H (there will be two 10 year old winners & two 11 year old winners). I've also posted a lot of grades on Sycamore this afternoon...please be sure to check them out. I encourage you all to look up what Martin Luther King Jr. was all about since we are celebrating him on Monday!
 Drew & Owen with their shadow boxes!
 Alexis explaining her game!
  Alyssa reading us her character report!
Riley & Luke with their shadow boxes!
The 4H Pledge 
5S 4H meeting
5T 4H Meeting

LANGUAGE ARTS: Today we finished presenting the Book Projects for this week. All have been great and so creative so far! I'm loving them!! I can't wait to see more next week!
HOMEWORK: Book projects are due Thursday, January 22. **Remember...all study guides are to be shown to me for a completion grade & tests are to be taken on Wednesday**

SCIENCE: There was a visitor that came and talked to the class on different types of energy.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Presented our costumes for our Wax Museum projects. 
HOMEWORK:Test on Friday, January 23.

MATH: Today we had our 4H meetings with our homerooms.


I hope you all enjoy your 3 day weekend!! PRETTY PLEASE go outside and play's going to be in the 50's!!! Woohoo! I know I'll be out there :) See you lovelies on TUESDAY (Resource Day)!

XOXO -Ms. Ray

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