Monday, January 5, 2015


Well hey there strangers!! Happy New Year & 1st day back to school! I hope you all enjoyed your breaks to the FULLEST...I know I did. I spent lots of time with family & friends, worked on my new house, & went to the Belk Bowl in Charlotte (man was that ugly ha!). Thank you all again for all of the amazing gifts I received for Christmas...that was too kind! I'm so happy to have you all as students for the next few weeks & look forward to watching each of you grow. I love that we got off to a fresh start today with thinking about our New Year's Resolutions! Today went as smooth as ever & I hope that can continue in the coming weeks :) You ALL are amazing & work so hard each and every day...CHEERS TO YOU! 

**Oakley loving his Christmas gift from me**
**Cousins on my dad's side**
**uncle, aunt, BIRD, myself, dad, & mom @ NASCAR Hall of Fame FAN APPRECIATION PARTY**
**Freezing our booties off at the game**

I have talked with Mrs. Thomas & she had baby Harrison Bradley Thomas at 9:41 AM weighing 5lbs 13 oz. & 18" long!! I will be visiting tomorrow with her & will post some pictures on the blog for everyone to see :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRISON!! XOXO
It's also Mrs. Thomas' birthday crazy is that?! What a early precious birthday gift she got today :) 

**She pops babies out AND sends flowers all in one day!! Thanks again Mrs. T :)**

I hope you all have a lovely Monday evening & PLEASE stay warm out there! I'm dripping my faucets tonight....CHILLY WEATHER! BURRR. And to think it's going to be WARMER in Utah Thursday than here! I will be going to Utah Thursday-Sunday so there will be a sub these days. I have everything planned out as normal for the kiddos so everything should be good to go! But any-who; stay warm, build a fire, drink hot chocolate, & cozy up with a blanket tonight!! 

Today we look in depth at what a "resolution" actually is. We came up with a few examples as a class & then jot down what we (as a student) could work on in the year 2015. We looked back at what we did in 2014 & what we were excited to learn about in the new year. On Wednesday we will be posting each of our resolutions up in the classroom to hold ourselves accountable & even come up with a resolution for the WHOLE class :)
HOMEWORK: Work on finishing your book Study Guides (I will let you know a due date for those Wednesday). Work on your BOOK PROJECTS...(Remember: If you finished your book before break- book project is due January 15. If you finished your book up over break- your book project is due January 22.) 



Today we reviewed what we were learning the week before Christmas break. We practiced finding common factors, completing prime factorization, and started on finding the greatest common factor of 2 numbers. There are a few links below on these skills you can play & watch online at home :)

HOMEWORK: Read pgs. 63-65 & complete the Activity on pg. 65.


* Overdue book are due in the Library tomorrow.
* There will be a uniform check TOMORROW...come prepared :)

xoxo -Ms. Ray

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