Wednesday, January 21, 2015


HAPPY WEDNESDAY 5TH GRADE FAMILIES!! What a wacky schedule we had today!! We had our Geography Bee this morning in the gym & Brandon Dries came in 5th & Alex Frederick came in 2nd...CONGRATS BOYS! We had our guest speakers come in to talk to the boys (in the morning) & girls (in the afternoon) about Family Life. We soaked in the rays again during recess as well :) I'm asking if any kiddos families would like to donate paper towels & Lysol wipes to our classroom...we are starting to run low on these items. Thank you in advance!! Below are tasks we completed today & homework that was assigned for tonight...

 Brandon being introduced
 Alex being introduced
All the Geography Bee finalist 

LANGUAGE ARTS: Today we focused on the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction stories & the elements that go in each of them. We pick what our Young Authors stories would be about & filled out a chart to go with them. 
HOMEWORK: Book projects are due tomorrow. 
SCIENCE: There were visitors that came and to talked the boys & girls about Family Life.

SOCIAL STUDIES:Worked on their Guided Notes, made up 3 questions each, & had a Pop Quiz.
HOMEWORK:Test Monday, January 26. Wax Projects are being presented tomorrow.

MATH:Today we focused on making equivalent fractions. We also played a Jeapordy game to review what we've learned the last few weeks.
HOMEWORK: Equivalent Fraction worksheet.



  • 5S will be preparing our Liturgy for Thursday this week.
  • Coffee House will be this Friday morning at 7:40 for 5th grade.
  • Trivia night for athletics is this Saturday, January 24.

  • I see you kiddos bright and early in the AM!!
    XO-Ms. Ray

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