Thursday, January 15, 2015


Hey there 5th grade families!! Today we had Mass this morning which was a very nice service. Guess what we got to have today?! OUTDOOR RECESS!!! It was so great to see all of you enjoy it so much...besides all the mud :) We had a few things on our to do lists to get finished today, including starting our Book Project presentations & getting Spelling Bee winners from each homeroom...check it all out below! (P.S.- Matthew won the Spelling Bee challenge over the word "camouflage" that COLE missed...too funny!) I don't think I laughed as much today at school in a while!

Projects in the hallway so far :)

Emma was the Ice Queen from her book today...WATCH OUT!
Cole with a CAMOUFLAGE jacket on!! 

LANGUAGE ARTS: Today we started presenting our Book Projects. All have been great and so creative so far! I'm loving them!! I can't wait to see more tomorrow!
HOMEWORK: If you finished your book before break- book project is due tomorrow. If you finished your book up over break- your book project is due next Thursday, January 22. **Remember...all study guides are to be shown to me for a completion grade & tests are to be taken BEFORE your book project due date**


SOCIAL STUDIES: Today the kids read some of Chapter 4.
HOMEWORK: Complete whole worksheet due tomorrow. Test on Friday, January 23.

MATH: Today we actually got to work through and find our winning Spelling Bee students for each homeroom. Congrats to Margaret Keller for 5S & Matthew Azzara for 5T!!


**Don't forget if I gave you make up work it is due on Friday**

Let's work really hard tomorrow so we can enjoy our 3 day weekend!! See you all tomorrow!
XO- Ms. Ray

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