Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hannah's Second Blog Post

                                  Hannah's Second Blog Post                          
Today is recourse day! I love recourse day because there is no homework if you finish it all on Monday. I do mine all on Monday because the only thing I have to read and then watch TV. for the rest of the afternoon!


Every child has to watch TV. in the day sometime.
Todays Vote   
Favorite Movie
Dolphin Tale 2:1
Guardians of the Galaxy:6
Into the Woods:1
The new Annie movie:1
The Night At The Museum (tomb):1
Dumb and Dumber 2:3
Dumb and Dumber:3
It is between.........
Guardians of the Galaxy: 7
OTHER WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So when I am not watching TV. I like to play a board game.
Whole 5th Grade Vote
Favorite Board Game
Apples to Apples:10
Chutes and Ladders:0
Apples to Apples Won!
Have a good rest of the day!!!!!

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