Friday, January 30, 2015


Well hey there's great to see you again :) I hope you all are staying warm on this cold afternoon! Today we had a great day together celebrating Catholic Schools Week within our school. Even though it was spirit wear day, you all remained focus throughout the day & I'm really proud of you for that! I want to say THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your 5th grade while your teachers have been out this year. I have truly enjoyed my time here thus far! I'm excited to see what the next few weeks will bring & see each of you grow your knowledge as students. 

Today during our Class Meeting, both 5th grade classes met together & discussed what was on our minds from this week. We also practiced some routines and procedures to refresh our minds so we can be the best learners we can be. We introduced to the students that we will each have a class list of the whole 5th grade for our classrooms. It will act as a behavior log to make sure everyone is on task and are doing what they are suppose to be doing at all times. The first misbehavior is a verbal warning, 2nd they get a check next to their name, 3rd they receive another check. If we have to warn them again of something for the 4th time, it will be a call home. We truly don't anticipate having to do check marks, but if necessary we will. If a student makes it 2 weeks with no checks next to their name in EITHER classes, there will be a reward for him/her. Mrs. Schleg & I both think this will be a great incentive for the kids to stay on task and try their hardest, especially since Terra Nova is just around the corner :)

Happy early birthday to Alex Daniel who's b-day is tomorrow!! 

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LANGUAGE ARTS: Today some of us worked in our reading groups. Everyone worked on their Young Authors story & started to switch their stories with other classmates for revisions & editing. Final drafts are due next Thursday so we have been working super hard to work through the whole writing process. 
HOMEWORK: Read daily :)

SCIENCE: Today some of us taught our Investigations to the class. We also wrote reflections of them at the end of class.
HOMEWORK: Finished guided notes due Monday and test Thursday.


MATH: Today we look over our homework fraction packets and showed a few examples of how we found our answers on the Smart Board. 

RELIGION: Today we read from our Family Life books.
HOMEWORK: Record our moods.


  • HAPPY Catholic Schools Week! There were a lot of things that went on this week to celebrate:
    1. FRIDAY'S FOCUS: Faith, Knowledge, & Service in our teachers, staff, & volunteers. Write thank you notes to those who volunteer in you class.
    2. Saturday/ Sunday students wear their uniforms to mass to be honored.
    **Wednesday, February 4 is early dismissal (12:00)
    **Saturday, February 7 is the Father/ Daughter Dance

    I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend and stay warm of course! Temperatures are dropping yet again in this crazy town. I'm very curious to see what will happen with this rain/snow Sunday night! Make sure to pay attention to the news if we get any snow :) 

    Love always,
    Ms. Ray

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