Thursday, January 22, 2015


Well look @ that cute new background!! Thanks Mrs. T :) The pictures are so adorbs of the kiddos!! Looks like you guys are enjoying the weather just like we are! Too bad it's turning cold yet AGAIN next week...booooo! 

What a DAY we had today! TONS of energy & talk talk talk in the 5th grade! You all are very sociable ;) I'm glad you all are so close to each other & have a great bond as a class! 

Today the 5th grade presented their Wax Museum projects to some of the school during the Social Studies block. The costumes in the hallway from what I saw looked great! I took a few pictures of the last couple of students that presented their Book Projects today & they're posted below...check them out! There are LOTS of announcements below so make sure and check those out as well :)

 Mason & Cayman acting out a skit
 Our Book Projects :)

 Playing Sam's game!
 Having fun with Mason's game!

Playing Gavin's game!

LANGUAGE ARTS: Today we presented the rest of our Book Projects. We also had some extra time in 5T to play some of our games we made as book projects!
HOMEWORK: Book projects if you didn't present today.

SOCIAL STUDIES:Presented their Wax Museum projects to some of the school.
HOMEWORK:Test Monday, January 26

MATH:Today we focused on making equivalent fractions. We also played a "Fraction Contraption" Game with partners. 



  • Coffee House will be TOMORROW morning at 7:40 for 5th grade.
  • Trivia night for athletics is this Saturday, January 24.
  • Catholic Schools Week is next week and a lot of things are going on for it for next week:
    1. Tuesday @ 8 AM is the school wide Spelling Bee.
    2. Wednesday is "Red, White, & Blue" dress day to honor our Nation.
    3. Friday is Spirit wear day.
    4. Saturday/ Sunday students wear their uniforms to mass to be honored.

    I hope to see you all tomorrow morning for my 1st Coffee House experience :) In the mean time, stay warm because temperatures are dropping like kids in class did today! I think at least 4 kiddos went home not feeling good today! Feel better soon to you guys & for the rest...drink lots of water & catch up on your rest!

    XOXO-Ms. Ray

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