Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Happy Wednesday 5th graders!! Shew...what a busy day we had today! Thank you very much for working so hard in Language Arts today...I was very proud of you all for staying quiet for all the test takers! I am just LOVING this sunshine outside!! Hope you all enjoy it & come to school tomorrow ready to dive into more learning. We are starting to present our Book Projects tomorrow which is always very exciting to 1st! I can't wait to see what your alls creative minds have come up with :) Below is what we did today in class along with any homework. 

LANGUAGE ARTS: Today lots of students took their book tests. We looked at a Martin Luther King Jr. reading & analyzed it. We also worked on our Young Authors piece for the Archdiocese that can me non-fiction OR FICTION :) We also had time to silent read.
HOMEWORK: If you finished your book before break- book project is due tomorrow. If you finished your book up over break- your book project is due next Thursday, January 22. **Remember...all study guides are to be shown to me for a completion grade & tests are to be taken BEFORE your book project due date**


SOCIAL STUDIES: Today the kids read some of Chapter 4.
HOMEWORK: Guided notes are due Thursday. Test on Friday, January 23.

MATH: Today we look at finding fractions on a number line. In Math 2 we started to play a fraction game with partners & will continue that tomorrow. 
HOMEWORK: Math #1 is to complete  the fraction worksheet.


**Don't forget if I gave you make up work it is due on Friday**

See you lovlies tomorrow!!
XO -Ms. Ray

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