Monday, February 13, 2012


Happy MONDAY, my Valentines!!!  I hope I find you well, wonderful, and feeling very loved today!

We began our new skill of focus which is identifying the different points of view in fictional texts.
*In the first person point of view the narrator is telling a story and is a character in the story.  In third person point of view, the narrator is telling a story from someone else’s viewpoint and is not a character in the story. 
There are two different types of third person point of view: limited and omniscient.
The difference is: third person omniscient is written as if the narrator is watching all that is happening and knows what each character is thinking. Third person limited does not include the character’s thoughts. For example, the sentence, “The teacher proudly read the worksheet to her students,” is written in third person limited; the sentence, “The teacher proudly read the worksheet to her students and thought to herself, ‘I have the smartest students,’” is written in third person omniscient.
In groups, students were able to make comic strips from each point of view and begin making "point of view" flashcards. 
HOMEWORK: Vocabulary words were passed out (LESSON 10).  Please complete Exercises 1&2, a "tic-tac-toe" activity of choice from menu, AND complete Point of View Narrative Perspectives worksheet for reading practice.
In Ms. Schrader's and Ms. Frederick's reading classes, students need to review words, and complete "Narrative Perspetives" worksheet.

our WOW! Words for this week (2.13.12 - 2.17.12) are:

We began writing fractions as mixed numbers.  A mixed number is a whole number AND a fraction.  We use mixed numbers when we have more than a fraction, but more than a whole as well.  We watched THIS website.
HOMEWORK: complete workbook pages 141-144 (MY CLASS); workbook pages 139&140 (MS. FREDERICK'S CLASS).

Students watched a Bill Nye video about electricity.

We introduced our new skill of focus which is narrative writing.  Narrative writing is a story about ONE event that happened to the writer.  We write these with the hopes in making our reader feel the emotions we felt at the time of the incident. 
HOMEWORK: Choose 4-5 prompts from sheet and write 2-3 sentences. We are deciding on our topics TOMORROW so these MUST be done!

Have a tremendous night and don't forget your valentines or treats tomorrow!
Mrs. Thomas

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