Tuesday, February 14, 2012


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, EVERYONE!  I hope you've had a great day!  Thank you to all my lovelies who gifted me with wonderful valentines and such love!
To work on point of view, I broke the class into two groups and told them to listen to THIS STORY from the perspective I assigned to their group.  One group was burglars, and the other group were real estate agents.  Then, I had both groups chart their feelings about the reading from their assigned standpoint and we compared the viewpoints of both groups as a class.  It was awesome to hear what they were thinking about while hearing the story from their assigned viewpoints...it was really neat!
In groups, students completed comic strips from each viewpoint, created viewpoint flashcards, and working on reading a passage and changing it from one point of view to another.
HOMEWORK: Complete Vocabulary Exercises 3 and 4 (front to back on one worksheet) and the Narrative Perspective Point of View Practice sheet #s 4-7.  This is for ALL reading classes.

We continued our work on mixed numbers (a whole number and a fraction).  We reviewed homework from last night and continued work in some workbook pages.
HOMEWORK: none for my class; workbook pages 141-142 in Ms. Frederick's class.

PM activities:
We had our VALENTINE's PARTY and made a stained class heart and enjoyed delicious treat.

SCIENCE - students watched a video on electricity.

WRITING - we reviewed our prompts for our personal narratives that were assigned last night.  Students got to share theirs with a peer and a peer helped them select the one they thought they should choose to elaborate on through writing. 

Have a tremendous V-day with your loved ones!  I love you!
Mrs. Thomas

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