Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Happy Hump Day, Everyone!  I hope everyone is calmed down from the sugar rush of V-Day yesterday...bahahahaha!  I know I had MORE than my fair share of chocolates and sweet treats! 

We worked on comparing and contrasting the different points of view (first-person, third-person limited, and third-person omniscient - our class is also tackling second-person!).  To do this, we read two passages and then compared how the viewpoints were similar and how they were different.  We then took the second story and changed it to a different viewpoint and noticed how the feeling of the story changed. 
Next, we worked on changing fairy tales!  It was so fun because we red some traditional fairy tales from THIS WEBSITE and then put ourselves in the shoes of one of the characters to retell the story from a first-person standpoint.  The students worked on these stories in groups and THEY ARE HILARIOUS!  It's amazing how changing the point of view can really make a story so different! One student, Kaylynn from Ms. Frederick's class, is using the tale of the "Princess and the Pea" and she is writing as the pea...except she's an "Elvis" pea put there by the prince to ensure he 'rock-n-rolled' all night so the girl would feel it and fool his mother, the Queen, into thinking she was actually a princess worth his marriage!  Hilarious! 
HOMEWORK: "Life's Ups and Downs" reading/ Vocabulary practice.

We are beginning to look at improper fractions which go hand-in-hand with mixed numbers.  Improper fractions are fractions where they are "weird", meaning they have a bigger number in the numerator, than in the denominator - they are MORE THAN one whole (just like a mixed number!).  We worked on some introductory skills and then created improper fraction models of our own with partners.
HOMEWORK: WORKBOOK pages 147-148 (MY CLASS); WORKBOOK pages 143, 144, and 145 (MS. FREDERICK'S CLASS!)

Students first had to have a reteach with Ms. Frederick on getting our supplies and keeping our mouths closes at the beginning of class so not to inhibit learning.  Next, they were able to construct circuits of their own using the given neat!!

We selected our topics for our personal narratives and then worked on identifying the MAIN emotion during the CLIMAX (or BIG event) of that piece - the main event!  Then, we use our senses to describe this emotion at the time of the big event using full details and description to give our readers a clear picture of how we felt.

Have a wonderful Wednesday with your family and/ or loved ones!  Send well wishes to Mr. Banker (my father) - he is 60 YEARS OLD TODAY...ahhhhh!!!
Mrs. Thomas

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