Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's another beautiful day in our neighborhood, folks!  Hope you were able to get out and enjoy :)

To continue our focus upon primary and sceondary sources, students continued to work on their Wright Brothers' project and complete some skill pages on the concept.  I am so excited to see their final poster products! 
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Zalie Bug!!!  We love you and hope you had the BEST birthday ever!!!
HOMEWORK: Complete Vocab. Exercises 3&4; AND complete both sides of "Cowboys in the News" skill practice

We continued our focus upon identifying fractions of a set, and then learned how to subtract a fraction from a whole number:
Let's use the example 7 - 2/5 (7 minus 2 fifths):
1) Make whole number (7) into an improper fraction by putting it over 1 (7/1).
2) Use the subtracting fraction's denominator as the common denominator so you are able to subtract (5).
3) Convert whole number's fraction (7/1) into fraction with common denominator using the same rules for subtracting unlike denominators as we practiced last week (2/5 stays the same, but 7/1 becomes 35/5).
4) Subtract (35/5 - 2/5 = 33/5).
5) Convert improper fraction answer to a mixed number as we also practice last week (33/5 = 6 3/5).
HOMEWORK; complete workbook pages 155-156 (MY CLASS); workbook pages 157-158 (Ms. Frederick's class)

Students took an assessment over electricity and boy did they absolutely NAIL it?!?  Wowza!!!! 3 hoots for YOUUUU...HOOT, HOOT, HOOT, HOOOOOOOOORAY!!!

Hoot hooray
Students worked on writing their final paragraphs, describing WHY their experience was significant and/ or something they'll never forget.

Have a terrific Tuesday!
Mrs. Thomas

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