Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hello all - Happy Thursday!

Today was finish project day since we have many, many students gone to orchestra, QUEST, or both.  Most students had to finish their fractured fairy tales from yesterday, as well as a Narrative Perspective Practice sheet, and a point-of-view manual for extra skill practice.
HOMEWORK: none - but STUDY for Vocabulary test which is tomorrow!

P.S., Happy Birthday to Kaylynn, from Ms. Frederick's class (in our reading class)!  We love you and hope you have the most amazing day ever!

In both classes, we revisited our practice of improper and mixed number fractions.
HOMEWORK: none in MY class, but in Ms. Frederick's, students need to complete WORKBOOK page 147.

With Ms. Frederick, students learned about series circuits which are circuits that only have one path to allow a current of electricity to flow.

We worked on describing the thoughts in our minds at the moment of the big action in our pieces.  We then turned these two organizers into our exciting first paragraphs.

Have a thrilling Thursday evening!  It's almost a 3-DAY WEEKEND (NO SCHOOL Monday 2.20.12 in observance of President's Day)!!!  YAY!
Mrs. Thomas

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