Monday, February 6, 2012


Friday, I took the student outside for a descriptive writing activity.  They were to find something in nature and describe it the best they could, without actually saying what it was...BUT the description had to be so good, we could guess what it was.  The students blew me away as their short time outside made for some AWESOME small writing pieces!  I had chills listening to our authors share!  Below is Tyler's from this activity (NOTE: our daily post/ homework is listed in the post below - before this one)

"  To the ants and crickets, is a giant jungle gym.  It pricks you as you lay on it, and some may even say that it makes you itchy.  To bees, it is like a police officer ready to sting.  Crickets play hide and go seek in it and find comfort for sleep at night.  As green as it can be, it can also be brown. Kids love to play on me - especially football!"

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