Friday, February 17, 2012


Today was STOMP BASH day!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!  Congratulations to all our students who were able to attend!  I base my decision on many components having to do with tests and best faith efforts when taking them.  Behaviorally, the students have many consequences, but we must hold them to an even higher standard when it comes to effort and attitude towards content based performances.  Each test a student takes, I keep a "Best Faith Effort" checklist that looks over many components: is the student interacting with the assessment (highlighting, underlining, going back to reread, checking over responses), is the student taking his/her time, is the student not a distraction to him/herself or peers, is the student using complete sentences, is the student supporting his/her responses with information from the text, etc.  I also look at if they followed instructions and it is obvious they did their best.  Unfortunately, many students do not apply their best effort towards every test and their scores reflect that.  I just wanted you (as parents - or students reading this) to be clear as to how I judge Stomp Bash invitations.  I hope at our next Stomp Bash (my last before maternity leave) our ENTIRE class is there!
Puffing Dragon
Now, onto our day...
We took our vocabulary assessment over Lesson 10 words.  The students are getting better and better with our vocab with each passing week!  Make an ol' reading teach proud!
Next, I had the students take a mini assessment over point-of-view - it was just an ERQ!  Then, we created a scoring guide and 'Model 4' together.  Finally, we used this scoring guide and Model 4 to peer score a friend's ERQ and give positive feedback as well as constructive criticism.  It is a tremendous learning opportunity for all and the students love it!
Finally, we gave feedback (only praise!) to students' "fractured fairy tales" since we will be hanging them in the hall for all to see.
HOMEWORK: enjoy your 3-day weekend!  Next week, we will be using LESSON 11 words from Wordly Wise.  Look over them if you get a chance!  Do you have any WOW! Word suggestions?!?  Make 'em TOUGH!

The students took a quiz over adding and subtracting and comparing fractions.  We then peer scored with our remaining time.
HOMEWORK: none - enjoy your 3-day weekend!

PM Activities:
STOMP BASH!!!  I would have liked to have sent everyone, but we only had 13 able to go :(  Congrats to the students who made it!  We are proud of you and so happy for you!  Those of you who did not, I BELIEVE in YOU and KNOW (without question) that you'll be there next time!  You are always a STAR in my eyes!!!  I love you!

Remember, we DO NOT have school on Monday (Feb. 20th) in observance of President's Day!!!
Have a tremendous 3-day weekend!  I love you!
Mrs. Thomas

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