Friday, February 24, 2012


Happy last Friday of February, friends!

Students took their vocabulary assessments and I graded them and passed them back out.  Congratulations to Kaylee and Henry for receiving our only two PERFECT scores of 110%!  Many others received homework passes as well which is what I love, love, loooooove to see!
In class, students got in partners or in groups of 3 and read two different sources pertaining to their Wright Brothers projects: an interview from 1927 of a friend of the brothers and witness to the flight; and a newspaper article written in 1903 after the first flight.  They then had to compare and contrast the two sources through an extended response question.  Finally, they evaluated both sources in preparation for necessary project components next week.
HOMEWORK: none - Next week, we'll be using words from Lesson 12 in Wordly Wise.

We reviewed our skills from this week: simplifying fractions and converting mixed to improper and improper back to a mixed number.

With Ms. Frederick, students got to complete electricity stations from yesterday...using the iPads!!! 

We had some time to take a little break from narratives, so I gave the students some silly story starters and they created some really cute stories!  For example, one was a comic strip about a piece of bubble gum that wanted to be famous, another was a tongue twister about talking Tommy turtle, or we had a lunchbox that was conceited.  They turned out super cute and way hilarious!

aaaaand....we WON the popcorn party for this week in the Mad Scientist competition with Mrs. Edwards this week!  YAAAAAAY!  I'm so proud of our friends!

**"I love to read week" is March 5th - 9th
**DSE Bullying Workshop/ APL night (5-6 PM) is NEXT Thursday, March 1st (pizza and drinks!)
**our grading period ends March 7th - which means, report cards will be going home soon thereafter.

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