Thursday, February 2, 2012



Special thank yous to Hayden who was our SUPER STAR STUDENT for our substitute yesterday!  I came in in the afternoon when Ms. Collins was leaving and she was absolutely singing her praises!  Thank  you so much Hayden, for being a super example of what a phenomenal role model and leader is!

Also, honorable mentions to Tori, Kiyah, Shellby, Warren, Tyler, and Emilee who also had excellent reports as well!

Since today is THURSDAY, students had "project finish day" which is a day where they have time to complete any assignments they did not get finished in group rotations throughout the week.  I also checked in with literature circles and went over role sheets to ensure completion.  I still had about 5 friends not do their work, so they will have some work to complete and chapters to read over the weekend.  I hate to give so much to do but when we don't do our work and others do, it really puts a damper on plans for the group. 
Tomorrow, we will be taking our mini-assessment over "Cause & Effect" and students will also have their vocabulary/ spelling tests as well.
HOMEWORK: complete, "Proverbial Cause" stapled passages and questions.  Also, STUDY for vocabulary and spelling tests tomorrow!

We reviewed our math quizzes from yesterday and I worked with the students on creating a model '4' of an open-response question to score a peer's.  In Ms. Frederick's class, students moved onto addition of fractions with LIKE denominators. 
HOMEWORK: "Adding Fractions" sheet for MS. FREDERICK'S CLASS ONLYMY class will be retaking another fraction quiz since many did not show work on the one's hard to take a math test without doing any work!!  :o)

Students took a preview/ review quiz with Ms. Frederick over what they learned this week which was radiation, convection, and conduction.
HOMEWORK: look over reviuew quiz to prepare for test tomorrow.

We are FINALLY drafting our very first publishable piece...or at least, it will be in the end...hopefully!  Students could choose from 5 prompts:
1) My role model is:___________
2) My favorite teacher is:____________
3) If I could change one thing about the world, it'd be:_________________
4) If I could go back in time, I'd go back to:_____________________
5) When I grow up, I want to be a:_____________________

Have a terrific night!  Only 3 more days until the Super Bowl!  What will YOUR favorite commerical be?!?
Mrs. Thomas

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