Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Happy Tuesday all!  One week until Valentine's Day...eeeeek!  I have so much to do...how about YOU?  A letter about our Valentine's Party WILL be coming home with your student today.  Please check it out!  We plan to make edible valentine's cards; ambrosia (fruit salad); a puffy heart craft; and a stained glass heart craft.  I plan on making a delicious pink punch and an appetizer of some sort for the day of...thus, we will be in need of various other savory treats such as chips or veggies and dip, appetizers, or anything else you can imagine...as well as supplies for our craft and volunteers to help run the stations.  It will be NEXT TUESDAY, Feb. 14th at 1:30PM.  We hope to see you there with all our hearts and love to pass around!!!

We first learned how to peer score an ERQ (formerly known as ORQ) and scored some from yesterday.  Next, we worked on activities where we had to read articles and identify the text structures in which they were written.
HOMEWORK: complete Vocabulary Exercises 3&4 sheet (NOTE: Students DO NOT have to complete the crossword puzzle on the back of the sheet under Exercise 4 - that is strictly on a volunteer basis for that part of the activities).
ALSO: read "Putting on a Play" article and complete short-answer response on back <- this emphasizes our skill of identifying the structure in which the text is laid out and finding details within the text to support our reasoning. 

We began working on the concept of adding fractions with UNLIKE denominators.  Watch this super fun video that we did to make this difficult concept FUN! In order to add a fraction, they must have the SAME denominator.  If they do not, then students must find the common number amongst the two different denominators and change both.  We practiced and practiced, but students may still be struggling.  It is OKAY to struggle a bit...please allow your student to do so as they are figuring out their problems on homework.  It is through the lessons in which they struggle, that they remember the most..if they are figuring it out on their own!
Visit THIS WEBSITE for an index of Fraction activities, help, games, and FUN!  Also, THIS website had some fun games and activities to print out and try at home...great ideas and skills we utilize for practice in class!
HOMEWORK: complete "Adding Unlike Fractions" worksheet. 

Ms. Frederick's class is also working on the same concept that they begin yesterday instead of today.  Their homework is: "Adding Fractions with unlike Denominators" worksheet. 

Students got to create circuits and test conductors of electricity with Ms. Frederick!  When I came in from teaching writing to her class, she said that they were SENSATIONAL!  So, YAAAAAY for good reports!!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOOOVE them!!!  Hooooooray!

Check out these AWESOME websites (I really recommend sites 3 and 4!) I found for Science and electricity and electrical circuits!
HOMEWORK for Science: none, but visit those websites if you get a chance...some are SUPER COOL!

We worked on giving feedback to a peer's paper.  Students were given a checklist of "look fors" on a neighbors paper and were to give constructive criticism based on these indicators for completion.  It is a great time of review, coaching, and grow for all students!

Have a tremendous Tuesday!
Mrs. Thomas

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