Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We're here...halfway through the week!  Whew!  How 'bout our CATS last night?!?  WOWZA!  Apprently, we LOVE to eat GATOR! 

We are continuing our focus of identifying the structure used in a nonfiction text.  Today, we looked deeper into the structure of "problem and solution".  To do this, we read the book, Winter's Tail, to emphasize a text structure where a problem is presented and a solution to the problem is described.  In groups, students worked on reading several different texts and completing organizers to match the structure they identified within it.
HOMEWORK: Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Harman's reading: Complete Vocabulary "Bully Solutions" reading and questions using vocab. in response (some words are used in question); AND complete "Save our Town" reading comprehension and short-answer response.
--In Ms. Schrader's reading, complete vocabulary homework and passage.
--In Ms. Frederick's reading class, there is NO homework. 

We reviewed adding fractions with unlike denominators review.  Students are really doing well with this and picking up on the concepts at is FUN to watch! 
HOMEWORK: Complete "Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators Practice Page B" - (MY CLASS).
--Ms. Frederick's math class needs to complete "Adding Fractions - sheet 1".

Ms. Frederick was at a meeting today, so the students had a substitute and thus completed a practice ERQ over electricity and electrical currents.

We got to go to the library and type on our 4-square pieces...yay!  The students are so excited to be getting the opportunity to type!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Mrs. Thomas

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