Monday, February 27, 2012


Happy B-E-A-U-TIFUL Monday to you! 

We are continuing our focus upon primary and secondary sources for information.  Thus, we watched THIS VIDEO about a local child getting stuck in a game machine and then read the article about it and compared the two sources. THIS GAME was a lot of fun to practice with as well! Next, we got in groups and students are working on a major project about the Wright Brothers, using the information they obtained and analyzed last week. 
Here are the components they must have on this poster/ PowerPoint:

a historical narrative written by the group addressing the questions in Step 2.
an organizer comparing and contrasting two sources of information (ex: Orville’s diary entry compared to his father Milton’s letter to a journalist)
a copy the two sources compared (example: diary entry and letter)
a copy of the organizer used to compare all of the sources
a brief description of each source, identifying which was the best and most reliable for information (assessment and enrichment – step 4).
completed Step 5: extension.
a copy of this brochure (click on link)

HOMEWORK: Complete Vocab Exercises 1&2 (we are in Lesson 12), as well as the analyzing primary and secondary sources packet.
Our WOW! Words for this week (2.27.12 - 3.2.12) are:
hors d'oeuvre

We worked on identifying fractions of a set.  It was pretty rough so we will need another day of practice and there will be no homework tonight.
HOMEWORK: none (MY CLASS); Workbook pages 153-154 (Ms. Frederick's math class)

Students took a review test over the concepts they've learned in their electricity unit.  They also watched a BrainPopJr. video.

We completed our creative writing from Friday where we created silly stories.

Have a marvelous Monday, everyone!
Mrs. Thomas

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