Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello all and HAPPY MONDAY to you!!  I hope you aren't too groggy after the Super Bowl last sure was a GREAT game and I am super happy to see a Giants win!  Who were you for?

This week, we are directing our focus to combining ALL text structures; meaning, we are reading articles and using signal words as clues to the text structure in which we notice from the passages.  This is most definitely a more complex skill than we've been using because I am not telling the students which structure they are reading, they must identify it themselves.
NOTE: Congratulations to MASON JOHNSON for being our ONLY student to earn a perfect 110% on his vocabulary test this past week!!!  Way to go, Mason!  We are so proud of you!!
HOMEWORK: VOCABULARY Exercises 1&2 and a "Tic-tac-toe" activity of choice from menu are due tomorrow (we are in Lesson 9 this week). <--this is for MINE AND MR. HARMAN'S READING CLASSES.
ALSO, read, "Harbor Elementary School" article and complete short-answer response on back.
Ms. Schrader and Ms. Frederick's reading classes are on Lesson 5.

our WOW! Words for this week (2.6.12 - 2.10.12) are:

We completed our retake of the Fractions quiz and peer scoring.  We also worked on finding fractions of a group and adding fractions with LIKE denominators (meaning, the SAME).
Ms. Frederick's class worked on adding fractions with UNLIKE denominators.  When adding fractions, the denominators MUST be the same, or else you must find a common number that you can change both fractions into.
HOMEWORK: MY CLASS - finish fractions worksheets from after quiz.
MS. FREDERICK'S CLASS: finish "adding fractions with unlike denominators" practice page from class.

Students started working on electricity with Ms. Frederick.  They were able to construct open and closed circuits.  These view this video and then had some fun with manipulatives.

We worked on finishing our rough drafts of turning our organizers into 5 paragraph essays.

Have a tremendous week and marvelous Monday evening!  I will be sending home a letter tomorrow about our Valentine's Party.  We are in desperate need of volunteers to assist that afternoon and of supplies for the actual party!  It should be on Friday, February 17th at 1:05PM. 
Mrs. Thomas

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