Friday, April 24, 2015


Hello all!
It was so nice seeing all of you that were able to make it to our informational meeting about our upcoming field trip to Camp Shantituck May 5th-6th. It should be a most fabulous endeavor!
If you were unable to attend, no worries, your trusty 5th grade teacher friend here has your back.  I typed notes as Mrs. Schleg was talking that I emailed out to you this morning (I thought they emailed immediately after the meeting last night, but Sycamore seems to have missed the boat).  I also have screenshots of those minutes below:

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN demonstrate the characteristics of the science fiction genre through project based learning.
Students completed their science fiction summative projects they chose from the menu below:

HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN add voice, description of senses, and emotion words to my memoir introductory paragraph.
Last night, students drafted the first paragraphs of their memoirs.  I always like to start with the first paragraph because you can add so much emotion and detail through description which in turn, sets the tone for the rest of the piece.  Words and thoughts seem to fly out of their heads after completing the first paragraph.  Thus, we worked on really bumping up those descriptions and emotions.  We completed the organizer shown below and then used it to make sentences that we plugged into our paragraphs.

HOMEWORK: none (weekend) 

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN demonstrate understanding of all concepts of fractions.
We reviewed fractions in preparation for our upcoming summative assessment over all concepts of fractions including: adding and subtracting with unlike denominators; renaming fraction sums and differences; comparing fractions for equivalency and size; converting from improper to mixed and mixed to improper; and multiplying and dividing fractions with other fractions, mixed numbers, and whole numbers.  Math 2 also completed fraction summative projects.
HOMEWORK: review in preparation for assessment MONDAY!

Students did vocabulary words and went over parts of the heart.

HOMEWORK: quiz on Monday over this ^

Went over Chapter 7, Lesson 3 and completed questions 1-4 (lesson review)
HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

Students took their religion and vocabulary tests.
HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

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