Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oaks Post #2

 Bob Baffert :Horse Trainer

This guy is popular when it comes to Kentucky Derby Races and Oaks!!!!!
His horses are...

American Pharoah


These girls are the derby princesses of the year! Here is how to become one:

Always dreamed of being a princess but Prince Harry is always too busy with his duties in England to notice you? How about setting your sights a little closer to home and throwing your (future) crown into the ring to become a Kentucky Derby Festival Princess?
The KDF begins its search for members of the 2015 Royal Court Aug. 25. Young women from Kentucky or Southern Indiana who are full-time college students are eligible. Go to www.kdf.org for an application. The deadline for submissions is Oct. 10.
The program is not a beauty pageant. Each member of the Royal Court receives two $1,000 scholarships — one from The Fillies Inc. and one from the Kentucky Derby Festival Foundation. In addition to other sponsor gifts, each woman also receives a complimentary wardrobe.

Well that's your answer!!!! 

The official drink of the Kentucky Derby and oaks is a Mint Julep. People pay thousands of dollars to get a silver cup and a gold stirrer. They only get 1...1 drink!

40 Fresh Mint Leaves
4 tsp powdered or superfine sugar
crushed ice to fill 4 glasses
6oz. bourbon
1 liter bottle seltzer
cocktail muddler
4 Mint Julep Cups
4 Mint springs for garnish

To find more mint julep recipes go to http://www.kentuckyderby.com/experience/traditions/mint-julep2

The official website!
It is for adults not children!!!

Tomorrow a guest Blog Interview!!!
Will you be  Interviewed?

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