Wednesday, April 22, 2015


it's Earth Day, people!  Happy Day to you!

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics of science fiction.
We took our assessment over our science fiction unit.
HOMEWORK: LOG READING MINUTES!  Also, our next unit is over comparing and contrasting through MYTHS!  I love myths!  Thus, to get a little background on some popular characters in mythology, please see THIS VIDEO and then click HERE, HEREHERE, and HERE (you won't regret it! Promise!).

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN demonstrate multiplication and division of fractions.
Students took an assessment over multiplying and dividing fractions.
HOMEWORK: TEXTBOOK page 192 (Math 2 ONLY); Fractions Cumulative assessment is FRIDAY (4.24.15) for Math #2 and MONDAY (4.27.15) for Math #1

Students worked on their Monarch Butterfly presentations
HOMEWORK: finish monarch butterfly presentation

Students went over homework and reviewed for test over Chapter 7, Lessons 1 and 2 (American Revolution)
HOMEWORK: test tomorrow

Students did Family Life and studied for test as well as worked on their Monarch butterfly presentations
HOMEWORK: test FRIDAY (and finish Monarch butterfly presentation.
NOTE: VOCABULARY test FRIDAY over ALL prefixes

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Mrs. Thomas

P.S., The Field Trip meeting is tomorrow at 6:30PM!  Hope to see you there :)

Spring cleaning is upon us, my friends. And yes, these are just from HIS locker only. The struggle is real, peeps... the. struggle. is. real.


This Thursday (April 23rd), the 8th grade will be hosting a Doughnut Drive in the morning drop off. Beginning at 7:00 am eighth grade parents and students will line the entrance/exit to SMA.  They will be selling Krispy Kreme Donuts to raise money for the 8th grade class trip.

In order for this to be a quick process, we ask you to please be ready!  Have your passenger window down and money in hand.  Donuts are $8.00 per dozen and exact change is appreciated.

**  Added notes - if anyone has an office meeting or upcoming event and plans to place a large order (over 5 dozen) email Jill Howard at OR Susan Mackey at  

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