Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Howdy folks!  I hope I am finding you well and wonderful on this beautiful Wednesday!
Brenna and Matthew's Daily Derby blog post HERE

Tomorrow, students may wear FREE DRESS as long as they bring $1 to donate to the 8th grade fundraiser for their field trip.

It will also be our SMA Chow Wagon.  Students may bring in a beach towel to sit on for enjoying lunch outside!

LEARNING TARGETS: 1) I CAN identify comparisons and contrasts within a passage.  2) I CAN use signal language when writing and discussing comparing and contrasting.
We read a nonfiction passage about Immigration in the 1840s from our Benchmark series and then identified where comparisons and contrasts were made based on the signal language used.

This is one way to identify comparing and contrasting within text, another is to use two texts and compare and contrast the content from there.  We practiced this by reading two different texts- one about frogs at risk of endangerment and characteristics of koalas.  Students were then to compare the articles using an organizer of their choice and write a summary of the two utilizing the diagram.

Students completed an organizer for independent practice
HOMEWORK: read, "The Thirteen Colonies" and complete organizer on back

Students worked on their rough drafts of their memoirs
HOMEWORK: continue drafting work upon memoir.

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN demonstrate knowledge of all concepts of fractions.  2) I CAN identify and classify angles.  3) I CAN use a protractor to measure and draw angles.
We practiced with completing an extended-response question and making sure to acknowledge each part

Upon checking our Simple Solutions due today and completion of our fractions cumulative assessment, we dabbled our toes into our unit on Geometry (Math 2).
HOMEWORK: Simple Solutions numbers 42 and 43 are due tomorrow!

Students worked on their Monarch butterfly projects

Students studied notes in preparation for their test tomorrow.  They also compared and contrasted government today versus government during the revolutionary era.
HOMEWORK: test is tomorrow (did you see my websites I linked yesterday and in Reading?!?  See below!)

Students read a story in Family Life about marriage and answered some questions about intercourse.
HOMEWORK: compare and contrast the marriage Elizabeth and Louise versus marriage today.

Mass, CHOW WAGON, and FREE DRESS tomorrow!!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Mrs. Thomas

Only 3 days until Derby time!

are YOU going tonight?!?  Be there.  Seriously

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