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Hello all and Happy Monday to you!  iiiiit's DERBY WEEK around the great city of Louisville! Yaaaay!  We have resurrected the student blogger feature and this week, we have TWO lovely babes (Matthew A. and Brenna) that will be doing Derby posts for the week.  Please click HERE to see today's.

Today is also Mr. Owen's birthday!  Happy HAPPY Birthday you delightful guy you!  We hope you have the very best day!  Oh how we love you so!

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN compare and contrast within a text.
Greek Gods and Goddesses video HERE
We began our new unit within our Benchmark series studying comparing and contrasting within text. The theme of this unit is upon mythology which we will be beginning next week, but today we focused upon locating signal words within text and worked on how to compare and contrast two subjects.  We began by observing a picture from our Benchmark series and discussing how the two sets of airplanes were alike and different.

Then, we acknowledged our signal words utilized within our discussion and made a chart of them.

Finally, we thought of two things to compare and contrast. Students had to utilize our Venn Diagram organizer to construct a paragraph essay using all points and incorporating as many signal words as possible.
Thomas class

Schleg class
Students then also had much time for drafting their memoir while I met with small groups.
HOMEWORK: work on draft of memoir

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN demonstrate knowledge of fraction concepts
We took our cumulative summative assessment over fractions.  Admittedly, I was incredibly taken aback by how much the students moaned and groaned over this and were acting as if we had not been doing fractions for months.  MONTHS.  Sheesh!
HOMEWORK: Simple Solutions #s 40 and 41 due Wednesday.  Also, we begin Geometry on Wednesday!

Students had a quiz over parts of the heart.

With Mrs. Schleg, students answered a question about the Boston Tea Party for a summative grade. Then, they reviewed Chapter 7, Lesson 3 about the taxes in the colonies.
HOMEWORK: Chapter 7, chapter review questions 8-14, and question 17. Test Thursday over Lesson 3. 

Students started a new chapter in Family Life about friendships and marriage and all of God's rules about intercourse.

Have a marvelous Monday night!  Anyone up for the Chow wagon?!?
Mrs. Thomas

SMA Chow wagon 4.30.15
SMA Field Day 5.20.15
SMA Talent Show 5.21.15
SMA Awards Day 5.22.15

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