Friday, April 17, 2015


it's Friiiiiiiday, Gents and Judies!  Woooo Hooooo!  

(Reading minutes competition)
WIN: Kentucky Kangaroo (Schleg) 22,031 minutes total
PLACE: Harry Trotter (Thomas) 20,789 minutes total
SHOW: Pentomino (Rhodes) 18,833 minutes total
4th place: Agent Narwhal (Yann) 16,889 minutes total

LEARNING TARGET: 1) I CAN identify characteristics of Science Fiction. 2) I CAN summarize information from a passage.
Students turned in their assignments from Wednesday.  We then reviewed our Benchmark passage from Wednesday and read a new one from today to then make connections across texts.  The students also had to write a sequel to these stories using the characteristics of Science Fiction in continuation with the theme and tone of the texts.

HOMEWORK: NONE (weekend)
LEARNING TARGET: I CAN storyboard my memoir ideas.
We learned about creating a storyboard to organize our ideas for our memoirs.  This helps us to focus our writing and help us think of the visualizations that we want our readers to picture in their minds and the emotions we want them to feel.  It also helps us to organize our thoughts and get together a plan of action for our writing.
HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN divide fractions.
Vocabulary: reciprocal; cross reduce; rename
Finding reciprocals is part of the algorithm for dividing fractions and mixed numbers.  When the product of two numbers is 1, each number is said to be the reciprocal, or the multiplicative inverse of the other.  Thus, we learned that to divide a fraction, you find the inverse of the second fraction and multiply it by the first in the equation.  alyssa is amazing!

HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

Students built a car with a guest speaker
HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

Students had a quiz over their homework last night which was Lesson 1: the French and Indian War and the Proclamation of 1763.
HOMEWORK: NONE (weekend)

HOMEWORK: none (weekend)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Thomas

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