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Hello Monday.
Sorry about not emailing out the blog post from Friday.  I had to leave quickly and didn't get a chance to email it, nor completely complete the posting.  I hope you had a terrific weekend!  I know many friends enjoyed experiencing "Thunder!"
The fireworks show of Thunder Over Louisville 2015
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CONGRATULATIONS to our BOOK BEE participants!  4th grade won 2nd place and 5th grade won 3rd place in this weekend's championship!  We are so incredibly proud of our members of our team.  You make SMA proud and represent us well!
4th grade

5th grade

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN make inferences based on clues in a science fiction story.
When we read Science Fiction, we often make inferences about what is happening.  The author does not state all the story information directly.  As readers, we use clues, or hints that the writer provides to make inferences about the characters, setting, and plot.  Thus, we reviewed what an inference is and how we can use information we've summarized to make information from details in the text.  We practiced making inferences by using details I gave them from the text.  We did it whole group and then with partners.

LEARNING TARGET: 1) I CAN practice interposing analysis of events in memoir writing. 2) I CAN use reflection on past events to enhance my writing voice.
We learned about when writing a memoir, we write about specific times, places, and moments that were important to us.  To add voice, we want to describe our thoughts and feelings from those times and places.  We also want to share insights that we've gained by reflecting on these experiences as we look back on them.  You add this type of perspective to our memoirs, we use language that pulls back from the experience we're describing.  While we describe an event from the past, we also insert something we observe from present day and use language that indicates to our readers that we are viewing the events from some distance, with wiser eyes.
I gave the students some practice memories and we pulled out the wiser analysis that was interposed within the thought.  I then gave them a thought and they elaborated upon this thought using voice and descriptive language.  Finally, they came up with their own memories/ thoughts and practiced this concept independently.

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN 1) identify a number's reciprocal.  2) I CAN divide fractions (fraction by fraction; whole number by fraction; fraction by whole number; and mixed number by fraction).
VIDEO HERE (they LOVE this)
This concept has been anxiety inducing for the students leading up to this, but after practice today, the kiddos are juuuuust fine :)  We had much practice in class and then Math 2 also had time for working on Fraction summative projects.
NOTES from class:

HOMEWORK: Wkbk pages 75-76 and Simple Solutions 35, 36, & 37 due Wed; 38 & 39 due Fri. Test over multiplying and dividing fractions Wed; all concepts of fractions test Fri.

Students raced their cars they built with their guest, Mrs. Hudgell.  This is their Clip Mobile Robotics activity/ competition based upon mechanical engineering.

Students finished their guided notes over Chapter 7, lessons 1 & 2 which is about the British colonies and the American Revolutionary War,
HOMEWORK: Thomas class- answer question 3 on review from page 237.  Test Thursday, so REVIEW GUIDED NOTES!!

Students made skits about families and family life.
HOMEWORK: test Friday over lessons 5 and 6.

I hope your Monday evening is stellar, my good fellers :)
TOMORROW IS RESOURCE DAY (see below for homework in resource classes)
Mrs. Thomas

P.S., There was homework from RESOURCE classes as well!  For ART, students need to bring in a shoebox and make a sketch of your sculpture.  In MUSIC, do your recorder minutes and study your G-scale and transition from D to E.  In LIBRARY: return overdue books!  In TECHNOLOGY, complete quizzes on Edmodo.

CONGRATULATIONS to BAYLEE and the other members of her volleyball team for winning their tournament this weekend!!!
**Thank you to Baylee's sweet mama for sending this precious pic of our dazzling gal with her medal!

I completely spazzed in the memory department and forgot to send these permission forms home today.  I will send them home tomorrow, but here is an extra copy if you'd like to print and submit them from here:

Special Chat:
We Skyped with a very important person today (well, very important to me, at least- my big bro, Zach!  He teaches English and English and American writing at Guangdong Ocean University in the Zhanjiang District in the Guangdong Province of China).   We were supposed to talk Friday, but I had to leave early and then we had to take a raincheck for his next availability (The Chinese government can have crazy restrictions on the internet and he is 12 hours ahead of us here!). It was wonderful for the students to submit questions about his teachings, experience, and world travels and get to hear about an American perspective on Chinese learning of our language and language mechanics.

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