Monday, April 27, 2015

Derby post #1 (4.27.15)

Welcome to the 141 running of the Oaks!

1. Condo Commando 
2. I'm A Chatterbox   
3. Stellar Wind           
4. Birdatthewire         
5. Lovely Maria         
6. Include Betty          
7. Oceanwave             
8. Angela Renee         
9. Sarah Sis                 
10. Maybellene               
11. Eskenformoney        
12. Puca                         
13. Shook Up                 
14. Luminance               
15. Forever Unbridled    
16. Achiever's Legacy    
17. Money'soncharlotte
18. Danessa Deluxe         
20. West Coast Belle      
21. By The Moon            
22. Peace and War          
23. Christina's Journey    

That is the end of the Oaks lineup!

People every year show up to the derby in pink because the Oaks is all about cancer. The cancer walk on the track is all the people that have survived breast cancer so all the ladies get to walk on the track.
Image result for kentucky derby cancer walk

My favorite silk!

My second favorite silk!

By: Matthew Azzara, and Brenna Oxley

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