Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Derby Post #1 Wednesday!!!!

It's Derby Time!

Here are the horses
and the odds...

1. International Star 18-1
2. Dortmund  9-2    
3. Carpe Diem  7-1  
4. American Pharoah 9-4
5. Frosted   16-1         
6. Mubtaahij  12-1      
7. Materiality 12-1
8. El Kabeir  33-1       
9. Upstart    20-1         
10. Far Right   33-1         
11. Itsaknockout 33-1 
       12.Firing Line 18-1
13. Danzig Moon 
14. War Story 40-1
15.Tencendicular 33-1
16.  Stanford 66-1
17. Mr.Z 40-1
18. Ocho Ocho Ocho
19. Bolo  40-1
20. Keen Ice 40-1
21. Frammento 
22. Bold Conquest 
23. Metaboss 
24. Firespike
25. Toasting Master

That is the end of the line up!!!

In case your horses is falling behind..

Just in case you didn't know the winner gets this...

Boom!!! Awesome right????

These hats are bazzare!!!

 Wow a flamingo creative

This is good picture right!!!????
I took it!!!!!

 If you are just gonna sit around at your house on saturday go to these websites:

Both of these websites showed some really cute derby ideas!!!!
Even Mrs. Tobe liked them a lot!
Some people just have a race outside if it is nice...

Image result for how to

 have a bunch of people over even if its just you neighbors or neighborhood!

 set up a track on a long field

Find out their Favorite Derby Horse

 Write down that name next to their name 

  Line them up in their horse order according to what number the actual horse is in the race

 Have them race across a long field leaving someone on the end 

Whoever gets there first wins and gets a prize!!!

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