Thursday, April 16, 2015


Good afternoon, families!  I hope you're well and wonderful!  Today was the Science Fair and the students were absolutely magnificent!  Mrs. Schleg and I are so very proud of how incredibly hard all of our sweet kiddos have worked on these projects.  We have some legit scientists, yo :)
Today is Janie's (5S) Birthday!!!  Happy, HAPPY Birthday, gorgeous Janie Girl!  We hope you have the most extraordinary day!  Oh how we love you so :)
Please see the bottom of this post for pics of our mad scientists in action!

(After Mass, these projects took our entire morning.  Thus, after recess and lunch, we resumed our normal schedule with Math...)

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN multiply fractions and mixed numbers.
In this lesson, students had to apply their knowledge of renaming mixed numbers as fractions to multiplying mixed numbers and fractions.
We began with a bellringer over our concept of yesterday which was cross-reducing.  We then reviewed our homework and began learning about multiplying a fraction by a mixed number. Students learned to convert the mixed number into an improper fraction and then cross reduce [vertically] (if possible) like they learned yesterday.  Once they have completed those first two steps, they multiply across (horizontally) as usual to get their final fraction.
HOMEWORK: Simple Solutions 33-34 due tomorrow; workbook page 68.  Test over multiplying and dividing fractions Monday.  Test over ALL fraction concepts WEDNESDAY (Math 2) THURSDAY (Math 1). 

Social Studies:
Students read lesson 1 and had an interactive quiz with Mrs. Schleg.  HINT: be prepared for a quiz tomorrow!
HOMEWORK: Read Lesson 1 and answer 4th question on page 228.

Let me reiterate again, these kids were AMAZING in the Science Fair today!  I'm so very, extremely proud of all of our kiddos and their super hard work and awesome presentation skills!
Have a thrilling Thursday!
Mrs. Thomas

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