Thursday, April 2, 2015


Hello all and Happy Thursday!  The play is tomorrow at 1PM!!!  Let me just tell you, these kiddos are SUPER talented and sing so beautifully.  I get chills every. single. time.  Also, 5th graders MAY WEAR P.E. CLOTHES TOMORROW!!!

This is us coming back from play practice today...
It seems that it rains EVERY Thursday (Mass day) so we might as well embrace it, yes?!?

Happy Birthday Madison, you sensational girl, you!  Oh how we LOVE you so!

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN identify big ideas to create a text summary.
We continued utilizing our Big Ideas summary chart to make a summary of a text in which we are reading.  This process helps students to make a text smaller and learn where to omit unimportant details.  We borrowed a text about tsunamis from one of our small groups for the whole group lesson and read the first chapter.  We then discussed the most important details and plugged them into our chart.  From there, we used the big ideas and "smashed" them together to make one concise summary.
HOMEWORK: none (prepare for the play)

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN rename fraction differences.
Math #1 took the test that Math #2 began yesterday and I'm happy to report that ALL STUDENTS DID AWESOME!!!  Math #2 began enrichment projects over all fraction concepts.  See below here and at the bottom of this post for these project directions, materials, and rubrics!  We will be doing them in class, but students requested to have rubrics and such attached online as well.  I do as I'm asked/ told :)
HOMEWORK: none besides completing Simple Solutions for week (this week was 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29).   
Math Notes 4.2.15

Enrichment Project 2- Game choice 1

Enrichment project 2- Game choice 2

Enrichment Project 2- game choice 3

Enrichment Project 2- Student Rubric

Enrichment Project 2- Student Checklist

SCIENCE/ Social Studies:
Students worked on their Science Fair projects.

Play Practice
HOMEWORK: practice readings and lines for parts

Tomorrow is the big day!
...and then Spring Break begins!
-Mrs. Thomas

Enrichment One- Fractions Tic-Tac-Toe project 1 (Choose 3 to complete with a partner)

Enrichment 1- Rubric

Enrichment Project 3- Steps

Enrichment Project 3- worksheet

Enrichment Project 3- recipes

Enrichment Project 3- Student Rubric

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