Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hello to you on this beautiful Tuesday!  It was resource day for the kiddos, so just a few announcements and reminders for you and the babes on this light-on-the-classwork day...
We will be beginning geometry tomorrow.
HOMEWORK: Simple Solutions numbers 40 and 41 due tomorrow.  42 and 43 are due by Thursday.

HOMEWORK: work on memoir draft (in writer's notebooks)

HOMEWORK:read page, 242. Complete question #4; On page 245, complete questions 8-14 and 17.  Test Thursday over Lesson 3- guided notes are on Edmodo.

Click HERE for an AWESOME resource for studying about the American Revolution!  And HERE and HERE.  Seriously.  GO. THERE.  Please and thank you :)

Field Trip to Camp Shantituck - May 5th-6th
State Archery Tournament - May 7th
SMA Chow Wagon - April 30th
SMA Field Day - May 20th
SMA Talent Show - May 21st
SMA Awards Day - May 22nd
Last Day of School - May 22nd

Click HERE for Matthew and Brenna's blog post for today
Have a terrific Tuesday!
Mrs. Thomas

Derby is only FOUR days away!!!
We had some paparazzi yesterday... (I wanted to send one pic to my mom of my pants, but then other babes wanted to join in on some pics too, so I obliged and here we are)

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