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11.12.14 - Day SIXTY-TWO

Happy Wednesday, all!  People, it was/ is COOOOOLD today!  Like, high of only 42 cold, and tomorrow even colder!  And wouldn't you know it...we had many-a fancy fun 5th graders feeling frigid and frightful WITHOUT COATS and WITHOUT LEGGINGS?!!!!?  Whaaaaaaat?!? Now, please chalk this up as a responsibility complaint for these babies because they are old enough to check the weather and to know that it is far, faaaarrrrr too cold to be trottin' outside without a coat and/ or without leggings.  I mean seriously...brrrrrrrr!  I've been hammerin' and yammerin' on and on about it all day so could you help me in this issue too, please?  I just want these sweeties here and I want them healthy!  Well, and I want them not freezing their little cutie booties off!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAYLEE BUG!!!  What a bright light of radiance you are in our classroom and oh how we love you so!  We hope you have a the best day!!! 


I want to apologize if you have sent me an email today/ last night- our system has been down and I've only received emails in house and none from any outside accounts.  I can send, but not receive, so like I said, I am not getting anything, but from peeps here at SMA.  I hate losing contact with you for any point in time, so if you have emailed me, again I am very sorry.  Once they come through, I will get back with you asap- your concerns and insights are always of utmost importance to me.

Henry's Post for today is HERE

Reading- Analyzing Relationship Homework activity examples (Thomas AND Schleg students):
Garrett: This relationship is between my friend, Andrew and me.  We are alike because we've been best friends since birth; we both like "Clash of Clans" on our iPads and playing on my trampoline together.  About each other, we feel like second brothers- his mom even calls me her second son and the same for he and my mom.  We've been on many vacations together and always have a great time!  We need each other because life would be boring if we didn't have each other- I love playing with him and he is my best friend!

Alyssa: My relationship is between my sister, our mother, and me.  We are alike because we all enjoy going shopping.  About each other, my sister and I do not always get along as I like to antagonize her- with my mom, I feel that I annoy her a lot, but she still loves me endlessly and the same can be said for me loving her.  We need each other because my sister looks up to me and I can be a role model for her; and my mom is my support and #1 cheerleader.  

Janie: My relationship is with Abby P., Maddie, and me.  We are all alike because we all like fashion and being together.  About each other, we feel close and like we're best friends.  We need each other because if we get in trouble, we all back each other up.

Spencer: My relationship is with my sister, my cousin, and me.  We are alike because

Hayden: My relationship is with my father.  We are alike because even though we fight sometimes, we still love each other.  About each other, we feel cared for and supportive.  He is my role model.  We need each other because everybody needs a dad in their life to look up to and I look up to him!

Sophia: My relationship is between my brother, Nicholas, and me.  We are alike in that we both are TROUBLE!  About each other, he looks up to me because our sister tortures him so he has someone else on his side.  We need each other because if we didn't have each other, we'd have to deal with my sister ALONE and that would be bad :)

Courtney: My Relationship is between Madison and me.  We are alike because we are both girls in 5th grade who enjoy spending time together and Volleyball.  About each other, we feel close and connected like best friends should.  We need each other because we're not lonely and always have a friend in each other. 

Isabelle: My relationship is between my dad and me.  About each other, we feel close because he is my dad and we have a great father-daughter relationship.  We need each other because he supports me when I need him there and is a good role model for the type of person I want to be.

Maddie: My relationship is between my friend, Janie, and me.  We are alike in that we both like volleyball, hanging out together, and many of the same things and shared interests.  About each other, we feel like best friends who are close.  We need each other because she always backs me up!

Mason: My relationship is between my Daddy Joe (grandfather) and me.  We feel a great love between each other, like a grandfather and grandson should.  We need each other because he always makes me feel better and supported.  

Owen: My relationship is between my mother and me.  We are alike because we both like chewy candy, going to the pet store, and watching Moose, our dog.  About each other, we feel loved and we need each other because she takes great care of me and I take care of her.

Henry: My relationship is between my sister and me.  We are alike because we both like to run around, acting crazy.  About each other we feel like she's a pest she thinks I am one too (it's a mutual understanding).  We need each other because if we didn't have each other, life would be REALLY boring!

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN analyze relationships between characters.
Students first shared their pictures they brought in of a friend or family member, answering the following questions: Who is this Relationship with?  How do you both feel about each other?  Why do you and this person need each other?  Describe the relationship- it is positive or negative?
Then, we discussed why it is important to examine relationships- especially in a work of realistic fiction because it connects you to the characters and their raw, real emotions.  We created a sociogram connecting all the characters in the book to the protagonist, Jess.
Students then started rotations to engage in discussion and activities in the advancement of mastery with this concept.
Relationship Sociogram we created in class
READING GROUPS: Students made a Friendship bridge between Jess and Leslie, analyzing their relationship.
INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: Students completed a relationship roster about characters in the book and then answered questions about chapter 7, 8, and 9.

Students learned about extreme weather.

Students learned about vikings and their ships and early explorers to America.
HOMEWORK: Vikings ships worksheet

LEARNING TARGET: I CAN explore and identify rules for divisibility.
A whole number is divisible by another whole number if, after dividing, the remainder is zero.  In this lesson students explore and develop certain patterns when testing the divisibility rules for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10.  Exploring divisibility helps increase students’ number sense and helps them become more aware of relationships and patterns among numbers.
Today we continued our focus upon the exploration of divisibility rules for the numbers 6, 9, and 4. We reviewed homework and made some observations about exploring similarities in multiples and divisible numbers (all multiples of 2 are ALSO multiples of 2 and 5 and thus divisible by them, etc.). Then, students got into groups and answered several questions involving the exploration of putting these rules and concepts into action through tests and trials and application of them.
All multiples of 3 are circled in red; all multiples of 2, 5, and 10 are circled in black

HOMEWORK: TEXTBOOK pages 110-11, numbers 1-72

Students reviewed their chapter questions and study guides completed last night.
HOMEWORK: test is Friday

**Our next COFFEEHOUSE is Friday, Nov. 21st!  Hope to see you there!
**Friday is the last day for Thanksgiving Luncheon reservations.
**Report Cards are posted THIS FRIDAY on Sycamore!

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!

15 days until Thanksgiving and break is only 7 school days away!!!

the birthday girl!

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