Monday, November 3, 2014

Sam's Special blog

You ask what makes it special......
I'm the blogger!
I'll explain how I'm going to do the blog this week, first happy November!
Second, I'm going to do at least one pole every day. Third, I'm going to interview my helpers for the blog every day. Fourth I'm going to do one grumpy cat meme. That's probably the only things that I'm going to do on my blogs this week.
Poles of the day
My first pole I was helped by awesome helper Owen and the question was
Do you like setting the clocks back?
Don't car:
Don't know:
My second pole I was helped by Henry and the question was
What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition
Seeing Family:3
Watching football:4
Going Somewhere:5
Colorful leaves:1
Early Christmas Shopping:4
Eating Wins!!
My grumpy cat meme of the day is

Everyone doesn't like Mondays as much as grumpy cat!
Now I'm going to interview my helpers for today.
First I'm going to interview henry!
Me: Henry do like being a blog helper?
Henry: Yes, very much. I've never been blog assistant before.
Me: Do you like the knew sub for Mrs. Shleg?

Henry: Yes!

Me: Finally, is your day going your way?

Henry: Just another Monday but 10 times better!.

Thanks Henry, now I'm going to interview Owen.

Me: Owen do you like to be blog assistant?
Owen: Yes, but I would like to be blogger though. I was already a blogger though. 

Me: Do you like the new sub for Mrs. Shleg

Owen: Yes she is very nice!

Me: Finally, is your day going your way?

Owen: Kind-of

Thanks Owen! That's it for today! Thanks and again Happy November!  


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