Friday, November 7, 2014

11.7.14 - Day FIFTY-NINE

Friday, Friday, Friiiiiiiiiday!!!  It was a super fast week, if I do say so myself :)  Today was picture retake day and our retakers looked BEAUTIFUL!  These babies are so gorgeous!  Today also marked the end of our first trimester grading period.  Report cards will be POSTED on Sycamore NEXT Friday, Nov. 14th.
well, tomorrow is Robbie's Birthday (5S).  Happy Birthday, Robbie!  Oh how we love you so, you delightful guy you!
Sam's post from yesterday is HERE and last post for this week from today is HERE.

Yesterday, I missed the pep rally...BUT my esteemed colleagues here took a few pics and videos! Thank you so much, Ms. Ray and Mrs. Pfeifer!  You are some smart gals who know us 5th graders (and what we like) well!

ALL of this winning around here has me feeling particularly nostalgic about some winning experienced several months back.  You most definitely know what I'm referring to...Louisville fans, you especially hate it.  Click HERE to re-experience the AWESOMENESS in which I'm referencing

We concluded our project presentations!  I am so very proud of all the hard work devoted to the completion of these by our babies!  So, so many were so very impressive and we are beaming with pride in showing them off outside of our classrooms!  I so wish we could have a monitor/ computer to display the awesome PowerPoint presentations and movies as well, but that isn't feasible :(  If I have links, I can post a few movies per day, though :)  For instance, HERE is Hayden's movie which is a scene from his book, Matilda.

Students talked about the different types of air pressures.  

We had 4H Club today!!!  


Here are Cayman's Paparazzi Pics from yesterday (indoor recess):

We love our Ms. Rosie!!!

While we're watching a video of Matthew in action, I must note that he is missing TWO jackets/ sweatshirts.  Each day, he drapes them over his lunch when the students go to walk and then when he has gone to retrieve them, they've gone missing!  Could we all check our outer garments to ensure they are ours and not his, please?!?  Thank you so much!

**Thanksgiving Luncheon is Thursday, November 20th at 12:10PM for 5th grade. Reservations MUST be made by Friday, Nov. 14th.
**Veteran's Day is Tuesday, November 10th - 4th graders are hosting a program at 9:00 AM. 
**REPORT CARDS will be posted Friday, Nov. 14th
**Chick-fil-A Day is Nov. 12th
**Thanksgiving Break is Nov. 24th-28th.  See you back at school on Dec. 1st!

**a note about 3rd grade's Stewardship focus**

**Inclement Weather Notes**

Have a fabulous weekend and STAY WARM!
Mrs. Thomas
Thanksgiving is 20 days from today!
And we ONLY have 10 school days left before BREAK!
Cayman's Paparazzi Pics for today (11.7.14)

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