Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11.18.14 - Day SIXTY-FIVE

Welcome back, Everyone!  I hope you enjoyed your extended weekend!  It sure was a nice surprise having a snow day in NOVEMBER.  AHHHHH!  I sure heard some absolutely hilarious and fascinating stories from these babies about what they did on their day off- they never cease to put a smile on my face each day and I want you to know how very much they are loved when they walk through doors and supported while within these walls.  I'm just head over heels crazy about them!

Today was RESOURCE DAY for our 5th graders, so I still did not get to see them much :(

INSTRUCTIONAL NOTE: We are beginning division with TWO digit divisors tomorrow!  No worries and no stress, please...we will get through this together!  Just come with an open mind that is ready to practice and ready to learn and ready to focus on the skills, concepts, and tasks at hand.  Please do NOT be expectant of perfection the first time you do it.  It is going to take practice, practice, and practice and then even more practice on top of that!

THANKSGIVING LUNCHEON is THIS THURSDAY, Nov. 20th.  5th grade time is at 12:10 PM.  I hope to see everyone there!
COFFEE HOUSE is THIS Friday, Nov. 21st.
MRS. SCHLEG returns this Thursday, Nov. 20th!
THANKSGIVING BREAK is Nov. 24th - Nov. 28th (back at school Dec. 1st.
CHRISTMAS BREAK is Dec. 22nd - Jan. 2nd (back at school Jan. 5th- and can you believe this is actually in discussion?!?)
3RD GRADE FOOD DRIVE: continues through this Friday.  Our box is looking pretty pathetic right now, so let's all raid our pantries and bring in at least one item of donation...okay?!?

LANGUAGE ARTS: Literature Circle readings and roles are due by Thursday, Nov. 20th.

See a few of these sites for two-digit divisors in division!

Have a terrific Tuesday and GO CATS!!! (Seriously, BIG HUGE game...so, say a little prayer for us and hey, C-A-T-S for the WIN, people!)
Kentucky and Kansas
Mrs. Thomas

Is this going to be OUR Thanksgiving?!?  It's only 9 days away and we are 3 more school days away from break!

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