Friday, November 7, 2014

Sam"s last special blog

Today is my last blog:'(
I'm Going to do everything that I did in the past blogs.
Polls of the day
Favorite movie
Heaven is for Real:4
Rookie of the Year:2
Monsters Vs. Aliens:2
Dumb and Dumber:4
Guardians of the Galaxy:3
Pitch Perfect:1
Camp Rock:1
Alexander  and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day:1
The Muppet Movie:1
Don't Know:4
Don't Care: 1
There's a tie between Heaven is for Real and Dumb and Dumber 
What book do you want to read out of the reading group books?
A wrinkle in time:5
Bud not Buddy:3
Walk two Moons:3
Holes Win! 
Favorite thing to do over the weekend
See Family:2
Play Sports:10
Hanging out with friends:3
Shooting PC air guns and watching You Tube: 1
Don't know: 3
Play Sports Wins!
Grumpy cat pictures of the day

Smiles are contagious!

But not for grumpy cat.

Holidays are coming, but not Christmas grumpy cat!

Me: How was your week  Brandon?

Brandon: My week was pretty good except for the reading test.

Me: Do you like the new sub?

Brandon: Yeah I like her.  She is really nice. 

Me: What book would you most likely read out of the reading group books?

Brandon: I thought my book was really good( Walk Two Moons), but if I had to chose another book I would chose Holes.

Me: Thanks Brandon  

Brandon: Thank you very much for interviewing me!

I would like to thank Owen, Henry, Matthew, Kayla, And Brandon for helping me this week with my blog! That's all for today folks!  

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